If you’re new to the world of gambling, you will definitely hear the more experienced punters talking about the value. What are they referring to? Let’s find out!
The sharks of the betting world never entirely count on the odds offered by the bookmakers, that’s why you will often hear them say something like “I believe that Real Madrid are a bit of value at those odds”, or “There’s no value with this team at such price.”
Of course, the bookmakers don’t always offer attractive odds. After all, they are interested in their own profit and not in yours. So it is natural that experienced punters value their own opinion more than the bookmaker’s. Moreover, if they manage to find an event that was underestimated by bookmakers, they can make a fortune out of that. But it is not entirely true for well-known, reliable bookmakers, as they tend to offer fair odds in most of the cases. But mistakes happen even with the most settled bookmakers and usually such mistakes come at a high cost.
Punters have various methods of using their knowledge about sports betting. Some of them prefer to apply a more mathematical approach, namely rating systems, which are usually based on past achievements to predict future outcomes. Others spend dozens of hours absorbing all the possible information related to the match under consideration. They try to find out about the current situation of each of the team’s members, their morale, latest injuries and so on. Even the weather factor counts! There are punters who might have a gut feeling about one or another event, some kind of intuition, a slight inkling or a hunch that this particular game is worth wagering on. Besides that, there are lots of punters who prefer to choose the easier path and let other people do the thinking. They pay tipsters to make reliable predictions for them and once the prediction is done, they simply make a bet.
However, you should take into account that sports are not statistically quantifiable and it is impossible to make a prediction with 100% probability. It takes only a couple of seconds to score a goal and this fact can change the situation crucially. In this sense, sports have nothing in common with various forms of casino gambling, where simple laws of probability govern the outcome of the game, such as in craps, roulette or blackjack. Value betting is something only an insightful and experienced punter is able to do; unfortunately this skill doesn’t come instantly.
You won’t find any value in supporting the favourites, since there are too many punters backing them and consequently the bookmakers tend to lower the odds to a great extent. Well-known teams such as Chelsea, Bayern Munich or Manchester United usually don’t get high odds because they are indisputable favourites. But the truth is that even such professional and successful teams with very high ratings sometimes lose, and when they do, it’s your hour of triumph, if you’ve placed a bet on their opponent.
You probably wonder where to find good value bets. Good point, because we’re moving on to this aspect now. Most bookies make one and the same mistake – they create the odds according to the team’s rating, while there are lots of other factors to consider, like recent injuries, morale, and even weather. In order to find a good value bet, you should simply watch the teams play and if their performances are much better than the results, there is a very good chance that the situation will change and they will start winning. At this point you should get into game, due to the fact that the odds on that team will be very high after discouraging results. If you’re able to guess the exact moment when the team will have its turning point and kick-start their season, it can bring you much profit. It’s true that you will have to spend much time watching the matches, but in this case the game is worth the candle. You should also get into habit of checking soccer transfer news. This way you will always be in the loop and know what the situation with the team is and whether the key players are still in the squad.

You can also find good value bets by means of checking the odds early on and gleaning information on the subject of the forthcoming match.