Football is one of the most exciting and attractive sports for people from all over the world. According to the statistics, it has more fans than any other sports game. Why do you think it is so? Well, the game itself is very interesting, and it is hard to guess its outcome. It’s simply a piece of cake for any bookmaker! If you happen to be a football fan, you know how absorbing and captivating this game is. Now imagine that you place a wager on your favorite team; now your perception of the game has intensified exponentially! That’s why most of the football fans at first get interested and then get absorbed by sports betting. But before betting on football, it would be natural to get acquainted with the rules that govern this field of activity.

Gambling as a whole is a challenge, and in order to succeed in this arena it takes lots of effort and knowledge, keenness and long sight, mother wit and patience. Football betting has some specific features which should be taken into consideration.

We will begin with taking a closer look at the league table. In fact, this point is elementary, but inaccurate use of league table data is the most common mistake novice punters make. The league table is the major leak for their (and possibly your) wallets. But don’t worry, this could be fixed very easily.

The main problem is the fact that people say the league table never lies. Well, that’s true, however, the league table alone is not enough to predict the outcome of the game. If you’re a man of sober judgment, how can you rely on such a small piece of information? Unfortunately, inexperienced bettors very often place bets taking into consideration the league table exclusively. Do you think that if the team A occupies the top position, it will definitely win the following match? Are you sure that the team B, which follows team A in the league table, doesn’t stand a chance against that team? Don’t tend to fall for the easiest path, because it’s simply unreasonable. If everything was so easy in sports betting, there would be far more successful punters. In fact, the league table is a kind of a trap, which attracts novice punters and then bars their chances for success.

However, we don’t imply that league data shouldn’t be taken into consideration at all. We just advise you to take a bit different approach towards this piece of information. It is preferable to view the league table data in retrospective, which means that you should take into consideration more than one season. This way you will be able to make a more accurate prediction.

And yet, even the league table data of several seasons won’t be enough to figure out which team has more chances for winning. Remember this once and for all: there is no place for recklessness and slapdash when it comes to sports betting. Experienced punters pore over sports journals and magazines for hours, trying to find useful hints and tips regarding the forthcoming game/match/race. Only this way you can work out a reliable prediction – through hard work.

After considering the league table, you should pay attention to the team’s form, which appears to be the second decisive factor in predicting a certain result or picking a bet.

Without any doubt it looks really impressive if a football team’s recent record is 6-0-0 over all the last 6 games. It means that the team is in a great form and, of course, it is worth taking into consideration. It’s just that you shouldn’t take every statistic at face value and put a great deal of trust in it.

It would be natural if you were to argue about the psychological upside of such an impressive run of wins. However, you should be able to look behind the numbers and see things how they really are.

Before placing a bet on any of the football teams you should run acid tests. It’s not a big deal actually, but amateurs tend to overlook this point. So, if it is still the early days for the season under consideration, it’s recommended to look through the games from the last season.

04/09 By the way, while browsing through statistics, take the trouble of finding out how the winnings were achieved. Sometimes the so-called freak factor takes place. What’s a freak factor, you’d ask? Well, this is a certain random occurrence, which eventually leads to winning. It doesn’t count if the victory was achieved by chance either than by mastery. That’s why there is no point in betting on such teams. You can’t expect them to win in the long run, because Fortune won’t favor one and the same team several times in a row.

It takes a lot more things to know in order to bet on football, and it’s impossible to cover all the nuances in a single article. But the previously mentioned points will be a good head start for an amateur bettor, who decided to specialize in football.


Nowadays, sports betting has become extremely popular due to the overall spread of Internet. As you know, where there’s demand, there’s supply; and consequently the quantity of “supply” rises in direct proportion to the quantity of newly-converted gamblers.

Of course, I’m referring to the numerous bookmakers, which continue appearing every day. It’s natural that such diversity makes you dizzy. So how do the bookmakers motivate gamblers to use only their services and not turn to other bookies? The answer is simple – free bets and bonuses!

What can be more natural and motivating than attracting new customers by means of various incentives? That’s how our mind works – all of us fall for luring bonuses and free bets. Bookmakers use this lever of pressure to persuade new customers to sign up and eventually use them as a primary betting sites. Well, the folk wisdom, say “Don’t refuse a gift”, so why won’t you take advantage of numerous bonuses and free bets offered by bookmakers?

At first, let’s figure out how to find bonus offers and free bets. If you’re still getting accustomed to the gambling process, note that bookmakers usually have a “promotions” page, where you can find all their current bonus offers and free bets. However, there is one more option. You can easily find a specialized site, where all the current bonuses and free bets of the most popular and well-known bookmakers are displayed. It should be enough for you to visit our bookmakers section, where we present detailed reviews of the operators and list their current promotions.

After finding attractive offers, why not use them to your favor? Basically, a free bet is a certain amount of money that a bookie adds to your account, thus giving you a great opportunity to bet on particular betting markets or specific bet types. It is worth noting that a free bet has certain differences from a regular one. First of all, if you lose your bet, you actually don’t lose anything. Secondly, if your bet is successful, in most cases you receive only the profit, unlike the regular bet, where you get your initial stake as well.

Perhaps you wonder whether there are any restrictions and special conditions on Free Bets. That’s reasonable, because there are some. However, these restrictions vary from bookmaker to bookmaker. Besides that, the free bet formats differ as well. It’s very typical of some bookies to offer really generous free bets, which are accompanied by certain restrictions. Others may offer smaller free bets, but there will be fewer restrictions. Every medal has its reverse, so it’s up to you which option to choose.

Among the most common restrictions on free bets, the minimum odds requirement should be mentioned. This feature also varies from bookmaker to bookmaker, but most probably the minimum odds will range from 1.40 to 2.00, so the bet could be qualified as a free bet.

The bookmaker can also restrict the league or sports market where such bet could be placed. It also concerns the minimum deposit, and expiry date for using the free bet offer, and finally, the number of times you have to wager the free bet profit before you’ll be allowed to withdraw your winnings.

There are certain types of bonuses and free bets, for example “matching your stake” free bet. It’s very typical of a bookmaker to double the stake of your original bet, once you open an account and place your very first bet. If, for example, you bet $30, your bookmaker will take care of matching the stake with a bonus of another $30, thus giving your bet a total stake of $60. However, you should take into consideration that this offer always comes with a certain restriction. It concerns the minimum and maximum amount you can wager.

Free bet series is also a common offer among the other bookmaker promotions. It has a lot in common with the previously mentioned “matching your stake” free bet, except for one single distinction. In case of free bet series, your free bets are divided into a number of separate bets rather than a lump sum bonus. It would be better to illustrate it with an example: if you bet $70, you receive seven $10 free bets. Sounds really attractive, ey? Well, don’t get your hopes too high, because there are certain restrictions in this case as well. For example, such free bets have expiry dates, and in most of the cases the next free bet in a row will be available only after the expiry date of the previous free bet.

Among the various bookmaker bonuses, the initial deposit bonus should be mentioned. It seems like this offer has recently become less common, but anyway some bookmakers do offer this form of incentive. Basically, you get a bonus on top of your initial deposit when you open an account at one of the bookmakers. As usual, there is a condition you should take into consideration – you have to meet a turnover requirement in order to be allowed to withdraw your bonus money.

“Winning first bet bonus“. It works in the following way – you just get a free bonus in case your first bet is successful. Note that you will get greater bonuses if you choose longer odds over shorter odds. It’s not surprising that all these bonuses and free bets come with certain restrictions and conditions; after all, the bookmakers have self-interest. But if you use wisely these opportunities, they can be a good helping hand on your way to becoming a professional punter.


There are certain things a good punter has to master. Actually the list is quite long as sports betting is a very serious occupation, but some points are just of crucial importance.

Probably the most essential of them is to understand the odds in sports betting. You simply shouldn’t be in the dark when it comes to reading odds, because if you are hoping for success in the betting arena, you should be a specialist in them.

First of all it is essential to understand what the odds are and what role they play in the process of betting. That’s why we’ll begin this review by giving a definition to this notion. Generally speaking, the odds are the likelihood or chances of something happening. If we specify this definition to the gambling field of activity, the odds are a certain ratio between the amounts of money staked by individuals to a bet.
When punters think about placing a bet on the outcome of a match or game, the odds are one of the primary factors that should be taken into consideration. That’s why you shouldn’t underestimate the importance of odds; and if you have any problems reading them, you should immediately repair the omission.

Nowadays various online sportsbooks give people from all over the world the opportunity to wager on almost any sporting or even non-sporting event. That’s very handy, but there’s one discouraging nuance: different bookmakers use different odds formats. Instead of creating one universal odds format, the bookies have made up several different ones according to the preferences of their target customers. That’s how it happened that there are now lots of various odds formats, used by the bettors in different regions. For example, the Europeans prefer decimals, the Americans exclusively use US moneyline, the Englishmen tend to use fractions, and at last the Asians prefer to stick to Malay and Hong Kong odds formats. In order to cast some light upon all the formats, we offer you a “betting odds explained” article.
Decimal odds. As mentioned before, the decimals are favored mainly by Europeans. This odds format is also used in Canada and Australia. Most punters, who have no problems reading all the possible odds formats note that this one is the most comprehensible. This format is considered to be the most popular of all the previously mentioned ones. It is very easy to operate with decimal odds, because they indicate how much money you’ll get from a one unit-stake. So in order to find out how much you’ve won, you simply have to multiply the odds by the amount of your stake. Here’s an example that illustrates the use of decimal odds. Let’s imagine that the odds are 3.5 and you bet $100. If you win, you’ll gain $350 (3.5x $100).
The American Odds are quite different, because they have another principle at their core. It is obvious that this format is used mainly in the USA. It is also known as “Moneyline Odds“. The American Odds work quite differently for underdogs and favorites. So if you bet on a favorite at a bookmaker offering American moneyline odds, these odds show how much money you will have to risk in order to gain $100. It means that if the odds on an event you are considering are -210, your stake should be no less than $210.
Let’s illustrate it with an easy-to-understand example. For instance, there is a certain team which is considered to be a favorite and they are paying -210 for a win of their next game. It’s quite simple: if you wagered $210 and the team won, you would get $310 which is the sum of your initial stake and your winning.
If you bet on an underdog the American odds display how much you gain if you risk $100. So if the odds on a particular match are +150, it means that you’ll have to bet $100 in order to get $150. It is worth noting that if you see the letters PK alongside the odds (particularly in the US format), it indicates that there is no favorite and you have to pick the winner without points spread. Fractional Odds are favored in Great Britain. This type of odds was first introduced for horse racing and in quite a short period of time gained popularity in all the other sporting disciplines. Fractional odds are also known under the names of: UK Odds, British Odds or Traditional Odds. Basically, they tell the bettor how much profit he will gain from a one unit stake. So if the odds offered on a particular race or match are 3/1, it means that such odds will pay out three times the betting amount he placed. In case the odds are 4/1 the punter will be paid out four times the amount of his stake. If the stake equaled to $20, it would translate to $80.

Malaysian Odds or simply Malay odds display the relationship between your stake and your potential winnings on a particular bet. It is worth noting that Malaysian sports bettors are mainly focused on soccer. According to statistics, 90% of all bets are placed on various soccer matches. Malaysian Odds are expressed in decimals, but don’t confuse them with European Odds! If the odds are “0”, then it is an exact 50/50 bet which will eventually payout 1/1. Just as in US moneyline, the Malaysian Odds are either indicated with a – sign, or a + sign. If the odds are displayed with a plus, you just need to multiply your stake by your odds if you want to calculate the winnings. If the odds have a minus sign, then you need to multiply your stake by 1/odds in order to calculate how much money you gain. Please note, that the minus sign is to be ignored while making the calculations.

Hong Kong odds are considered to be quite easy to follow. As all the other odds formats, they express the relationship between the original stake and your potential winnings. Hong Kong odds are very similar to decimals with the only exception that they don’t include the stake. If you would like to learn what your winnings are, you just need to multiply the Hong Kong odds by your stake. These are the most common odds used all over the world. It is advisable to know how to read all of them, but if you don’t want to bother, there are lots of online odds converters you can use instead.


Football is considered to be an absolute leader among the other sports disciplines in terms of popularity. This game has millions of fans from all over the world, and according to the statistics the majority of the bets are placed rather on various soccer matches, than on any other sporting games.
Basically, you can bet on almost anything that might happen on the field. It might be bookings, corners, goals, correct score, players to score hat tricks, first scorer and lots of other different wagers. Truth be told, there are so many betting types, that even experienced punters are sometimes confused. But we won’t get into too many details, and focus primarily on several most essential football betting types.
Match Odds (1X2) is the first betting type we will consider. It is the most comprehensible betting type, which is recommended by most of the experienced punters. In case of this bet you have only three options at your disposal: you need to choose between “home win“, “draw” or “away win“. If you pick the first option, you will mark “1” in your coupon. In case of the “draw”, you’ll indicate “x”, and if we’re speaking of an “away win”, you will indicate “2”. It is worth noting that most of the bookies have a profit margin which ranges from 5 to 12%.
When it comes to goals, there are several betting markets at your disposal. Usually the goals market uses the Over/Under 2.5 goals system. It often happens that novice bettors are confused by this kind of bet, as far as it is obvious that there is no such thing as half a goal.
Essentially, if you back over, then you require three goals in order to win, but if you back under then you need no more than two goals. You should know that the profit margin for this market ranges from 6 to 8%, as in case of any other markets with only two possible options. Most bookmakers also offer over/under 3.5 and over/under 1.5, as well as other variations, which basically work in the same way as over/under 2.5. “Total goals” is another goals market which is favored by sports bettors. In this case you will also have three options: 0-1, 2-3 and 4 or more. Well, they are self-explanatory, aren’t they?
Half-time/ full-time bets are considered to be a bit more challenging than the previously mentioned ones. The fact is that it is quite difficult to predict half-time and full-time results accurately. However, trends emerge from time to time so the bets become more worthwhile. It is worth noting that in case of half-time/ full-time bets extra-time doesn’t count. If you enjoy betting on football, there are 9 possible results. In case of ice hockey there are 27 of them. Let’s illustrate this kind of bet with an explicit example: You watch a football match between Manchester and Real Madrid. If you are willing to stick to the half time/full time wagers you might have the following options: Real Madrid wins at half time, but the whole match finishes in a draw or vice versa – draw at half time, and winning at full time; Manchester loses at half time, but regains the winning at full time and so on.

“Draw no bet” is another option you have if you bet on football. The essence of this bet is quite obvious from its name – it simply means predicting the outcome of the match under consideration by excluding the possibility of a draw. So in case of the draw no bet you have only two alternatives: “home victory” or “away victory“. If the match ends in a draw the bet is refunded, but you’d better check the rules of your bookmaker.

Asian Handicap appears to be quite a tempting option for avid bettors. However, novice gamblers are often confused by Asian handicap because it’s more complex than all the other kinds of bets. This market offers very good value, that’s why it is favored by experienced punters. In case of Asian handicap the profit margins are far lower than at most of the other markets and account for several percent. The basic concept is simple: bookmakers try to even the chances of the teams/players by means of adding (for underdogs) or subtracting (for favorites) a certain number of points to and from the competitors. You can read a more detailed explanation of this betting type in an article specially dedicated to Asian handicap also available under the Betting Advice section.

There are many other kinds of bets when it comes to soccer betting. Due to the fact that soccer is incredibly popular, the betting market offers great variety which is able to accommodate the preferences of all customers.


Handicap Betting is of great interest to avid bettors, who are already established in their wagering careers.
This betting type is mostly favored by experienced punters because it’s more complex than all the other types, and novice bettors often don’t get its idea at the beginning. You should know that Asian handicap may work for or against you as a bettor, so in order to succeed in this particular arena you need to have a deep understanding of what you’re doing.
So let’s give an explicit definition to this notion first. The basic concept is quite simple: bookies try to equalize the chances for success of both teams or players by means of adding or subtracting a certain number of points to and from the competitors.
Asian Handicap is an increasingly popular form of betting. It is worth noting that you might come across this notion under several different names: Points Betting, Line Betting, Spread Betting, or simply Handicap Betting. However, in all these cases the essence is just the same: the bookmakers even the chances between the favorites and the underdogs. This form of betting is available only in case of sporting events that earn points, such as tennis, football, basketball, or rugby. It may come as a surprise, but Asian handicap betting is also seen in horse racing events.
As a matter of fact, handicap betting requires keenness of wit. For instance, if the handicap adds 2 to Italy’s score, then it’s obvious that Italy are underdogs and they are given a head start. Having such a considerable advantage, the team has more chances for winning or at least ending the game in a draw. If you want to bet on their competitor, let’s say it’s Germany, then it’s clear that Germany will have to win by more than two goals. Asian handicap betting is another version of handicapping. It’s a treat for punters, because it excludes one of the possible outcomes of a match. It is applied mostly in the case of soccer. In an ordinary match you’ll have a winner, looser or possibly a draw, while in case of Asian handicap betting draw is no longer available. On the contrary, this form of betting adds goals in order to eliminate the possibility of a draw.
Asian Handicap originates from the Far East, but nowadays it is extremely popular, particularly in the case of American football. Millions of bettors from all over the world bet on American football handicaps throughout college and NFL football seasons.
Let’s imagine that this week Team A and Team B are playing. The bookies have made the first team a 1.5 favorite. So what do you think it means? Basically, it means that if you place a handicap bet on Team A, they will have to win by 2 points or more, so your bet could bring you profit. If you bet on the second team (Team B), they can either win or lose by one point.
You will often see it indicated in the following way: Team A -1.5 vs. Team B +1.5. You might find it confusing at first, but eventually you’ll figure out how to use Asian Handicap to your favor. The general formula is very simple: if you bet on the favorites, you subtract the points from their final score (in our example it’s -1.5); if you bet on the underdogs it goes vice versa – you simply add the stated points to their final score (in our example it’s +1.5).
Handicap betting owes its popularity to the fact that it adds variety to the punters’ wagering possibilities and an additional thrill. Be sure to read several “handicap betting explained” articles before you start using this option.


Sports betting appears to be quite alluring for everyone. Aren’t you tempted by the thought of hitting the jackpot and winning millions? I bet you are, and that’s quite natural, irrespective of the fact that only 5% of gamblers are successful in this arena. However cynical we have become, we still wait for a miracle to happen to us. Since there is no place for wonders in the so-called real world, we look for them at bookmakers’ offices or casinos.

The world of gambling seems to be too attractive to resist its charms, and you involuntarily fall into its web. In order to be successful at sports betting you need to avoid 10 most common betting mistakes which most novice punters make. Let’s review each of them in detail. •

1. It’s kind of obvious that you shouldn’t bet on something you don’t quite understand. It goes without saying that you ought to have a deep insight into the sport you have focused on and chosen as your specialization. So if you are a man of sober judgment, you will pore over sports journals and magazines for hours in order to become more acquainted with the topic under consideration. Only this way you will have chances to succeed in this area. •

2. Never take sports betting as a “get wealthy quick” scheme. It’s natural for you to yearn for winnings and long run success. However, sports betting is not that simple. It takes time to become an experienced punter, who is able of predicting the outcome of the game and consequently win a bet. Bettors who are interested firstly in becoming rich get discouraged very soon. They don’t have the needed patience in order to overcome all the difficulties on their way to success. Remember – a good punter is a patient punter; or you might also say “haste makes waste“. •

3. Don’t get tempted to wager on teasers, parlays, props and other exotic stuff because the chances of hitting the jackpot in these particular cases are too small. Perhaps you are lured by the odds which promise to pay you out 10-to-1if you manage to hit the 4-teamer, but such miraculous winnings are exceptionally rare. Instead of betting on four teams at once, you should wager on these teams separately. So if the three or at least two bets turn out to be successful, you’ll walk away as a winner. It’s better than cursing the fourth team which didn’t let you win your combo. These exotic bets are very tricky and sometimes it seems like the bookies made them out intentionally, so they could get more profit. In fact, however alluring these bets appear to be, the chances of winning are about the same as your odds of becoming the next Patriarch of Rome. •

4. Sports betting is a very serious occupation, and that’s why it would be silly of you to rely on tarot cards, astrology or any other ridiculous psychic nonsense, which will supposedly help you predict the outcome of the game. From time to time certain websites appear and offer the bettors “reliable” tips and talk profusely about their incredible percentage of winnings. Yep, the winnings are literally incredible, that is – not worth your credibility. Just think for a moment, if I were a good astrologist or had a kind of sixth sense that would tell me who’s going to win the next match, why on earth would I share this precious information with anybody else instead of winning consistently?! •

5. Don’t ever place a bet on your favorite team! This point causes a great deal of heated discussions and pisses lots of bettors off; however, most of the professional punters prefer to comply with this rule. Certainly it takes away some fun of the betting process, but it is worth it. Truth be told, sports betting is all cold math and calculation. You should be unbiased and responsible when it comes to placing a bet. It seems to be impossible to handle the emotions in case of your favorite team. That’s why you’d better relax and enjoy the game without wagering on in. In the meantime, you can check the odds for some other sporting events that might bring you profit. It’s important to draw a line between amusement and serious business. •

6. It is advisable not to bet at all if it happens that the odds have changed too much. Let’s imagine that you’ve been doing your usual research and decided to bet on a certain team, but you didn’t do it right away because you had some urgent matters to take care of. So when you checked the odds once again, you noticed that they have changed considerably. In this case you’d better stay away and look for some more appealing sporting events to bet on. The fact is that it’s no longer the bet you thought it was, so why waste your money on it? •

7. You’d better not wager at all if it turns out that you have problems with gambling addiction. Never underestimate this issue, because otherwise you’ll end up without a family and a total bankrupt. Gambling addiction is a kind of mental disease which enslaves you and makes you think only about constant betting. You won’t be yourself anymore, and you’ll never become a person you wanted to be, because you will be totally absorbed by gambling. Don’t think twice before quitting sports betting if you feel like gambling has become the first thing in your priority list. •

8. It is very impolite to brag about your winnings in front of the bettors, who turned out to be less lucky. Even if we set aside the ethical aspect of this issue, it is still inexcusable to gloat over your competitor’s failure. Don’t make people envious, otherwise you might face some additional problems and piss off the Betting Gods. This rule works the other way as well: if Fortune doesn’t favor you today and your bets didn’t bring you any profit, you shouldn’t cry about it on every street corner. Get a grip on yourself and get over it. You have to be accustomed to failure when it comes to sports betting, because luck won’t always be on your side. •

9. You should never bet just for fun or thrill. Don’t be absorbed by the desire for constant “action”. When you focus exclusively on your burning thirst for betting, you forget that you are wagering with real money and your main purpose is making even more money. That’s why it is essential to make a step back if you don’t find any real betting value in any of the offered games. •

10. Don’t let the so-called “insiders” mislead you! This rule is actually an addition to the fourth point because it has the same principle at its core. If you’re mingling in the gambling society, every now and then you will come across the so-called “insiders” who will be willing to give you reliable tip regarding the forthcoming match. But then again, why won’t they use this information for their own good? As to the trends, it would be very silly of you to follow them unquestionably. If they were so valuable, why would anyone post them on each and every web site related to sports betting? It just doesn’t make any sense, does it?


If you’re new to the world of gambling, you will definitely hear the more experienced punters talking about the value. What are they referring to? Let’s find out!
The sharks of the betting world never entirely count on the odds offered by the bookmakers, that’s why you will often hear them say something like “I believe that Real Madrid are a bit of value at those odds”, or “There’s no value with this team at such price.”
Of course, the bookmakers don’t always offer attractive odds. After all, they are interested in their own profit and not in yours. So it is natural that experienced punters value their own opinion more than the bookmaker’s. Moreover, if they manage to find an event that was underestimated by bookmakers, they can make a fortune out of that. But it is not entirely true for well-known, reliable bookmakers, as they tend to offer fair odds in most of the cases. But mistakes happen even with the most settled bookmakers and usually such mistakes come at a high cost.
Punters have various methods of using their knowledge about sports betting. Some of them prefer to apply a more mathematical approach, namely rating systems, which are usually based on past achievements to predict future outcomes. Others spend dozens of hours absorbing all the possible information related to the match under consideration. They try to find out about the current situation of each of the team’s members, their morale, latest injuries and so on. Even the weather factor counts! There are punters who might have a gut feeling about one or another event, some kind of intuition, a slight inkling or a hunch that this particular game is worth wagering on. Besides that, there are lots of punters who prefer to choose the easier path and let other people do the thinking. They pay tipsters to make reliable predictions for them and once the prediction is done, they simply make a bet.
However, you should take into account that sports are not statistically quantifiable and it is impossible to make a prediction with 100% probability. It takes only a couple of seconds to score a goal and this fact can change the situation crucially. In this sense, sports have nothing in common with various forms of casino gambling, where simple laws of probability govern the outcome of the game, such as in craps, roulette or blackjack. Value betting is something only an insightful and experienced punter is able to do; unfortunately this skill doesn’t come instantly.
You won’t find any value in supporting the favourites, since there are too many punters backing them and consequently the bookmakers tend to lower the odds to a great extent. Well-known teams such as Chelsea, Bayern Munich or Manchester United usually don’t get high odds because they are indisputable favourites. But the truth is that even such professional and successful teams with very high ratings sometimes lose, and when they do, it’s your hour of triumph, if you’ve placed a bet on their opponent.
You probably wonder where to find good value bets. Good point, because we’re moving on to this aspect now. Most bookies make one and the same mistake – they create the odds according to the team’s rating, while there are lots of other factors to consider, like recent injuries, morale, and even weather. In order to find a good value bet, you should simply watch the teams play and if their performances are much better than the results, there is a very good chance that the situation will change and they will start winning. At this point you should get into game, due to the fact that the odds on that team will be very high after discouraging results. If you’re able to guess the exact moment when the team will have its turning point and kick-start their season, it can bring you much profit. It’s true that you will have to spend much time watching the matches, but in this case the game is worth the candle. You should also get into habit of checking soccer transfer news. This way you will always be in the loop and know what the situation with the team is and whether the key players are still in the squad.

You can also find good value bets by means of checking the odds early on and gleaning information on the subject of the forthcoming match.


It’s hard to say how many bookmakers there are in the gambling industry, but there are thousands of them for sure. Novice bettors usually get dizzy with the extensive diversity and don’t know which bookie to choose. However, the sharks of the gambling circles quickly realized that they can take advantage of the situation. So what do you think they do? Right, they create multiple bookmaker accounts!
Some of you might ask what for, so let’s think for a moment. There are lots of bookmakers which offer their services to gamblers from all around the world. The competition is striking and yet they have found a way to motivate gamblers to return and use their service. How did they do that? By means of the system of incentives, of course! These are attractive bonuses and various types of free bets, which are available for the people who create accounts at the bookies’ sites.
Experienced punters quickly figured out that there is no point in sticking to one single bookmaker, that’s why they have a tendency of creating multiple bookie accounts. Don’t think that it’s just an idle whim, because it really makes sense.
The truth is that all the bookmakers offer more or less the same services, but there might be certain differences that wouldn’t suit you. These differences may include customer service, live betting options and, of course, the number of sports betting markets.
Probably the last point is the most important because you may prefer to bet on one particular league and such an option won’t be available at your usual bookie. Then it would be quite reasonable to open an account with another bookmaker. However, it won’t be helpful to sign up at a second bookmaker, if let’s say, the respective website is loading very slowly, so it’s advisable to be picky when it comes to choosing another bookie. The same rule applies if you don’t like the website’s navigation process or if the odds are not that attractive. While looking for another bookmaker to sign up at, don’t pay attention to the short-term bonuses. On the contrary, you should only consider the long-term bonuses you will be able to take advantage of.
All in all, there are several reasons for creating multiple bookmaker accounts. The most appealing and rewarding of them is because of the welcome bonuses. As a matter of fact, it is a very common practice for all the online gambling operators. It’s natural that bookies have to try very hard to attract more customers as well as make the existing ones use only their service. The competition between the bookmakers grows stiffer and stiffer, but you can and should take advantage of that situation. Once you decide to sign up with a new bookie, you’ll be offered various types of free bets and bonuses. But before doing that, experienced punters prefer to shop around aka look for the most attractive offers.

Isn’t it tempting? Obviously, flexibility also appears to be quite an important reason to sign up at several gambling operators. Once you have at least two accounts, you won’t have to compromise for the limited services of one of them, and use another one instead.
When it comes to winning streaks, multiple bookmaker accounts can come in handy. The fact is that bookmakers don’t want you to win in the long run. That’s quite natural, because they are firstly concerned with their own profit – who isn’t? It is worth noting that some of the bookmakers have special clauses that allow them to close or at least limit your account if you start winning to a great extent. It appears that you have two options in this case: it’s reasonable to start losing from time to time, or continue betting by means of another less suspicious bookie.

The same situation might happen if everything’s reversed. In case you’re losing out, your bookies might as well close your account without any notifications. You’d better check this point in the terms & conditions section. This is usually done to protect their business from experienced professional punters. Due to the fact that you won’t be able to win each and every bet, it would be reasonable to spread your profits among all of your profiles.


Truth be told, bankroll management in sports betting is something you should pay special attention to. This feature might seem not so important, but don’t be tempted to follow this misbelief.

There are two options: either money management will make you a successful punter, or break you as a sports bettor. It is up to you which path to choose, but if you’re willing to become successful in this arena, you’d better read through the following article.

Unfortunately, most amateur punters pay little or no attention at all to money management in betting. They think that it’s just a matter of using and refilling their credit card accounts. Don’t fall for the easiest way, because in fact, bankroll management is far more complicated than it appears at first glance.

Generally, this notion could also be applied to other spheres and in each case it won’t be out of place. But as far as we are concerned, we’ll focus on the aspect of money management in sports betting. From the economic point of view, it means to sufficiently use the money we earn from business ownerships, employment, financial investments and so on. So why not apply its main rules in the sphere of gambling as well?

It is worth noting that money management is implemented not only by gamblers, but by traders, business owners, investors, poker players and simple employees as well.

First of all, you should understand the word “bankroll“, because you’ll be using it a lot in the near future. The bankroll is a certain amount of money you use exclusively for gambling purposes. Before even thinking of placing your very first bet, you should evaluate the level of your income and think whether you can afford gambling. We’re not saying that you should be a millionaire to start wagering, you just have to take into consideration that you’re not going to win constantly and these failures shouldn’t affect your whole budget in any significant way. So basically, the amount of your bankroll can be either big or small, but the most important thing is to be comfortable with the idea of losing all this money.
After creating a separate fund for gambling purposes, you need to figure out how much money you’re going to bet. When it comes to betting, you never know where you win and where you lose, so you can easily end up with an empty bankroll because of one single unlucky bet. You might say that there is also a 50% probability of doubling your bankroll, but these are the cases when Murphy’s law comes into action, so don’t keep your hopes up. On the contrary, be reasonable! Gambling on sports is all about cold maths and calculation, if you think otherwise you won’t be able to succeed in the long run.

Most experienced punters advise to bet no more than 3-5% of your bankroll. So if it accounts for, let’s say, $1,000, your bet should be no more than $50. You should also brush up your vocabulary and remember the following terms: flat bet and straight bet. The first one means betting the same amount of money on each game, while the second concentrates on a single game and involves money line or point spread.
Once you start winning, you can increase your bankroll, but never even think of increasing the percentage you use for your bets. This golden rule works in case you win or lose.

It is very important to take breaks after betting sessions. Emotions and fatigue have a tendency of clouding your judgment. Besides that, you shouldn’t forget that you place bets in order to win and not to for the sake of betting only. That’s why it is very important to be able to stop, especially if you’ve been losing in the long run.
Probably, the last point is: manage your money reasonably. It takes more than pure luck to be successful at gambling, so it would be wise to wager only in cases you are sure you won’t end up with an empty bankroll.


Sports betting is an extremely difficult occupation and it may take years and definitely a lot of effort to become a successful punter. Truth be told, there are certain rules the bettors take as the most sacred commandments, and never break them. If you want to “tilt the odds” in your favor, read the following betting advice.

Most novice punters make one and the same mistake – they want to get everything at once. They rush into the game hoping to snatch a large sum of money after a couple of bets. It’s a pity to discourage you, but such miracles never happen. Instead of relying on your luck, you’d better collect more information about the sport you lay hopes on, that’s a must! Besides that, you should try to place bets whenever you notice that the oddsmakers have made a mistake in setting the odds. But let’s not limit ourselves to superficial pieces of advice, but instead view all the guidelines for successful betting in detail.

The first and most important thing you should keep in mind is never wagered on sports if it affects your health badly. If you’re not capable of handling your emotions and you can’t take any failures – you won’t ever succeed in the gambling arena. The sad truth is that you will have to become accustomed to failure because it’s impossible to win every single bet you place however experienced and lucky you are.

If you managed to pass the first point and you still want to make a fortune on sports betting, you should develop a very serious attitude towards this occupation. It can never be your hobby as far as it’s too time and money consuming. If you treat sports betting as a passing fancy, you will end up with an empty bankroll. It would be reasonable to take every bet as an important business deal. You’d never find a successful businessman who goes on signing a deal not knowing anything about the terms, circumstances, the market and so on. So why won’t you follow his wise example and spend more time researching?

In you want to succeed in the sports betting arena, you need to specialize in a particular sport. The fact is that you need to have a very deep understanding of what’s happening on the playground in order to be able to predict the possible outcome of the game. You probably know the following saying:”If you run after two hares, you will catch neither.” You will have exactly the same situation if you attempt to bet on each and every sporting event you come across. Remember – the key to success is niche specialization, because the more you know about that particular sport the more chances you have for success. o

In order to stay afloat in the raging and changeable ocean of sports betting, you should know how to manage your bankroll. You will always be tempted to bet more than the prescribed 3-5% of your total budget. At times you’ll have urges to wager nearly all your money, because your sixth sense will be whispering you that some particular team will definitely win their next match. Never hesitate before shutting down these luring whispers because sooner or later they will lead you to bankruptcy. The golden rule says:” a successful punter is a patient punter.” You will increase your winnings gradually, but never at once.

Know when to stop without trying to win back your money. This rule belongs to the list of the most important ones as far as the moment a punter starts losing in a row comes. He might choose either the safest way – to stop and take a break – or he might try to regain his money fast and eventually lose everything. If you ever find yourself on that crossroad, don’t think twice before choosing the first option. Gambling and emotions don’t mix, so if you feel that emotions overcome you, it means that it’s time to take a cold shower. •


The same rule is applied when none of the odds seem to be promising. If you place bets for the sake of betting, you won’t be confused with such a thing and you will go on wagering. However, it radically contradicts the common sense and be sure that such betting won’t bring you any profit or use. Remember what we said at the very beginning of the article? Bet only in case you notice that the oddsmakers “backed up the wrong horse”. Let’s face it, these guys are very good at what they do and it happens quite seldom that they make any mistakes. However, this fact shouldn’t discourage you, because there’s always place for the human factor. Once you’ll find such a miscalculation, you’ll have your jackpot. But for now, take a break and start fresh tomorrow. •

Take advantage of the attractive incentives offered by the bookmakers. Day by day the competition between the bookies becomes stiffer and stiffer. In order to motivate their clients to sign up at their websites, they offer various bonuses and free bets. Of course, the bets and bonuses are not that free as it may seem, because they can be used only in accordance to certain rules, however it can be a good start up for you. So why not use it to your advantage? •

As it was mentioned for many times already, sports betting is an extremely difficult occupation which requires tons of time and effort. Since you treat sports betting as a fulltime job, it would be natural to have a vacation from time to time. No matter which way you look at it, but our “sixth sense” has a tendency of becoming blinkered. It means that you need a considerable break from all that is related to sports betting. Take a week or two and have a good rest from all that fuss; focus on something relaxing. It will serve you well, as far as you return to business with recharged batteries. •

The full-fledged members of the sports betting industry use very specific language in order to communicate with each other. These are various terms and word combinations which outsiders will never fully understand. So it appears quite natural to brush up your vocabulary and learn the language of professional punters. Otherwise you won’t be able to stay afloat for long and your exciting journey will end up too soon. •

The last and most enjoyable rule is the following: Don’t forget to withdraw your winnings from the bookmaker. The fact is that your bankroll should contain more or less the same amount of money. It would be natural to enlarge it if you have been winning in a long run. However, don’t be tempted to use all the money (including your winnings) in order to bet. You should extract the profit from your bankroll according to your personal schedule.